Thursday, September 3, 2009

To Ellen, with love... from all your fans

There is only one thing that beats that feeling; butterflies in your stomach, goosebumps, uncontrolled excitement... one thing that beats watching Grey's Anatomy every Thursday:
And that's watching Ellen Pompeo turn Meredith Grey into one of the most amazing characters on TV today. At least that's how we, the true fans feel :).

It didn't take long for us, after watching Grey's Anatomy episode 1 season 1, to fall in love and totally admire this fairly new face on TV. She brought this amazing difficult character to life brilliantly, it became hard to separate Ellen from Meredith, that's how good she is.
From her raw emotions, to her contagious giggle that everyone loves. The "perfect timing, perfect place" tears, and the eyes that can't go wrong. Acting at it's best.

Meredith Grey "defies all the norms of network television, she represents all real women rolled into one", And that's a huge reason why we love her. And Ellen portrays that perfectly.

She became our reason for watching Grey's Anatomy.
To us, Ellen Pompeo IS Grey's Anatomy. She was / is brilliant at it, And many agreed:

-The Chicago Tribune: "Pompeo's charm is key to 'Grey's Anatomy's' success..."

-The Washington Post : "Meredith Grey, Is much like the actress who plays her, well at least in these aspects; Ellen Pompeo is tough, tenacious, sweet and sensitive, and she has one of the sunniest smiles ever seen in a TV medical show..."

-Entertainment Weekly: "..Meredith faced off against living Ellis, and Ellen Pompeo's tragic voice broke like the ice under a doomed ice-skating 6-year-old. That was the last real winner scene between mother and daughter on TV."

- Entertainment Weekly: "Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) is really believable — tough but not overly assertive..."

- Entertainment Weekly: "(...the Chief gave her a do-over on the test toward the end of the night.) But the moment worked. Why? Because Ellen Pompeo — yes, the great Ellen Pompeo — sold it. I'll leave it at that."

The list is long.. but the fans don't even need the press and media to agree with us... we're convinced already.

What made this even sweeter, is who Ellen really is; Seeing her talking to the fans, making time for them, being as appreciative and grateful, time after time never ceases to amaze us and make us respect her and admire her only more, if possible... and the beautiful thing about it, is this admiration keeps on growing with every new fan and every new show and every new appearance.

This is a message we hope will reach Ellen Pompeo herself:
It's a huge THANK YOU from all her fans for being who she is.
THANK YOU for making us love Meredith Grey.
THANK YOU for making us enjoy our Thursdays to the max for the past 5 years, and looking forward for more to come.
THANK YOU for giving it your all, because we appreciate it.
THANK YOU for appreciating us, your fans, and always showing it.
THANK YOU for being so grounded and never letting it get to your head even though you're a HUGE star now.
THANK YOU to Shonda Rhimes for creating Meredith Grey, and for making the perfect choice and for insisting on the girl from Moonlight Mile to play the part.

If it was left up to us, we would hand you the Golden Globe, the Emmy, The SAG and even the OSCAR for being who you are first, then for portraying the best, most complex character on TV simply brilliantly.

We wish you and Chris all the best, good luck in your pregnancy. Wish you good health and happiness. We are sure this will be one lucky lucky beautiful baby. And we can hardly wait to see you back on our TVs, on Grey's Anatomy every Thursday come Sep 24th 2009.

God Bless

(PS. Ellen Pompeo and Grey's Anatomy fans, feel free to show your love for Ellen by commenting, we will attempt to send this to Ellen to show her our support and how much she means to us. fingers crossed it works :) .. cheers R A z a r.)