Thursday, September 3, 2009

To Ellen, with love... from all your fans

There is only one thing that beats that feeling; butterflies in your stomach, goosebumps, uncontrolled excitement... one thing that beats watching Grey's Anatomy every Thursday:
And that's watching Ellen Pompeo turn Meredith Grey into one of the most amazing characters on TV today. At least that's how we, the true fans feel :).

It didn't take long for us, after watching Grey's Anatomy episode 1 season 1, to fall in love and totally admire this fairly new face on TV. She brought this amazing difficult character to life brilliantly, it became hard to separate Ellen from Meredith, that's how good she is.
From her raw emotions, to her contagious giggle that everyone loves. The "perfect timing, perfect place" tears, and the eyes that can't go wrong. Acting at it's best.

Meredith Grey "defies all the norms of network television, she represents all real women rolled into one", And that's a huge reason why we love her. And Ellen portrays that perfectly.

She became our reason for watching Grey's Anatomy.
To us, Ellen Pompeo IS Grey's Anatomy. She was / is brilliant at it, And many agreed:

-The Chicago Tribune: "Pompeo's charm is key to 'Grey's Anatomy's' success..."

-The Washington Post : "Meredith Grey, Is much like the actress who plays her, well at least in these aspects; Ellen Pompeo is tough, tenacious, sweet and sensitive, and she has one of the sunniest smiles ever seen in a TV medical show..."

-Entertainment Weekly: "..Meredith faced off against living Ellis, and Ellen Pompeo's tragic voice broke like the ice under a doomed ice-skating 6-year-old. That was the last real winner scene between mother and daughter on TV."

- Entertainment Weekly: "Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) is really believable — tough but not overly assertive..."

- Entertainment Weekly: "(...the Chief gave her a do-over on the test toward the end of the night.) But the moment worked. Why? Because Ellen Pompeo — yes, the great Ellen Pompeo — sold it. I'll leave it at that."

The list is long.. but the fans don't even need the press and media to agree with us... we're convinced already.

What made this even sweeter, is who Ellen really is; Seeing her talking to the fans, making time for them, being as appreciative and grateful, time after time never ceases to amaze us and make us respect her and admire her only more, if possible... and the beautiful thing about it, is this admiration keeps on growing with every new fan and every new show and every new appearance.

This is a message we hope will reach Ellen Pompeo herself:
It's a huge THANK YOU from all her fans for being who she is.
THANK YOU for making us love Meredith Grey.
THANK YOU for making us enjoy our Thursdays to the max for the past 5 years, and looking forward for more to come.
THANK YOU for giving it your all, because we appreciate it.
THANK YOU for appreciating us, your fans, and always showing it.
THANK YOU for being so grounded and never letting it get to your head even though you're a HUGE star now.
THANK YOU to Shonda Rhimes for creating Meredith Grey, and for making the perfect choice and for insisting on the girl from Moonlight Mile to play the part.

If it was left up to us, we would hand you the Golden Globe, the Emmy, The SAG and even the OSCAR for being who you are first, then for portraying the best, most complex character on TV simply brilliantly.

We wish you and Chris all the best, good luck in your pregnancy. Wish you good health and happiness. We are sure this will be one lucky lucky beautiful baby. And we can hardly wait to see you back on our TVs, on Grey's Anatomy every Thursday come Sep 24th 2009.

God Bless

(PS. Ellen Pompeo and Grey's Anatomy fans, feel free to show your love for Ellen by commenting, we will attempt to send this to Ellen to show her our support and how much she means to us. fingers crossed it works :) .. cheers R A z a r.)





  2. I love what you wrote. thanks.

    Ellen, we love you a lot in Italy. you are amazing. we hope to see you back on tv really soon. and as a wonderful amazing mother too.

  3. Hi Ellen, my name is Michael and I'm from England. I love you and admire you a lot. i only watch this amazing show because of you and your amazing acting. you make it all very real and so emotional and funny and just perfect. i really hope you get to see this and read about how much your fans adore you. i love how adorable and gorgeous you are specially now all glowy and pregnant. I hope you are always happy and wish to see you in

  4. this touched my heart!!
    i think Ellen is a brillant actress, she plays Merethid Grey like no one else could do. She also is a very simply bue sofisticated woman, she thanks every fan that watch or coment everything she does..!!
    also she is respected by all the media/paparatzzis and fans, that is something that not many famous Hollywood people can do
    so yes we ADMIRE and LOVE: ELLEN POMPEO!

    ps: i hope you like what ive wrote! =)

  5. Hi Ellen :) OMG..U're just the best! i lovee yoou so muuch,! u're the best actress eveer, i love Meredith Grey, thank you for been the BEST in the WOOORLD! :)
    Thank's for been JUST YOU..
    I Love You att, Yaeel From Mexico :)
    Because we love you in Mexico, never forget, ^^

  6. I appreciate all the hard work you put in and extra hours to keep all Meredith Grey and Grey's Anatomy fans happy. even now when you should be resting, you are taking the time to shoot more scenes. thank you for that and for it all. we love you & can't wait for season 6 of Grey's.

    and I hope to see you in movies one day soon as well.

    I still watch Moonlight Mile sometimes. amazing.

  7. You are a brilliant actress. You bring something that alot of others cant. You are the reason i watch Greys.
    Good luck with your future as a mum.. ill be there with you soon =)

    Cant wait to see pics of your little one.

  8. Ellen, you rock!
    I can say so much but I will only say this.
    You are the reason for me loving Grey's.
    thank you

  9. aw this is an amazing site, ellen pompeo is the best, and noone can take her place, no matter what grey's anatomy has in store for the future. ellen you are great! and such an inspiration. you're so sarcastic, and seem like such a fun person to be around. thanks <3 (:

  10. A big CONGRATS for the baby from France! Here we love your work too, and your great laugh! :)
    You made Meredith be my favourite character on Grey's, indeed you're one of the two reasons (the other being PD) that I watch the show.
    So thank you again for a great job, and from what I've seen, for taking the time the say hello or sign autographs for the fans.

  11. Hello,
    Wow first off thank you for creating the blog. I've been watching greys for 2 years now and admired Mrs. Ellen Pompeo for all of them. She is beautiful and glows all the time there's a certain light in her eyes which makes watching her on TV an amazing experience. I really wanted to say THANK YOU because you are a true role model, someone I admire wholeheartedly and look up to and hope that one day i'll be half the woman you are now or ever was. Not only are you a WONDERFUL, AMAZING, and GIFTED actress you are also down to earth and take time for your fans and even though the paparazzi harass you, you keep your cool and continue living your life. It's refreshing to see someone like you on TV and gives us hope that there are GOOD people on earth and I feel really blessed just being able to admire you so thank you for being who you are my hero.
    Zineb Belghiti
    Casablanca Morocco, Northeast Africa

  12. Great site thanks.
    Ellen you are one amazing talented fantastic actress and human being. Don't ever change. we love you. and watch because of you. Grey's will never be Grey's Anatomy without you. I hope we continue to see you on tv for a long time to come. and in movies soon too. with respect and love, thank you.

  13. Love you Ellen.
    you are the best.

  14. Just reading all the comments from all over the world makes me love Ellen Pompeo more.You are an amazing person.Grey's Anatomy will never be the same without you.God Bless!!!

  15. It's impossible for me to write why I admire Ellen so much. Is it because I love Grey's Anatomy?. is it because she IS grey's Anatomy for me? maybe. but mostly it's this halo around Ellen that just makes me love her more, respect her and admire her. She's magic to me. and I love that. Kenny. Ireland.

  16. God Bless! We love you Ellen from Manila,Philippines

  17. I love you Ellen. I wish you the bes ton your maternity leave and I will miss you on Grey's if you're gone for a few episodes (I hope not though). i won't watch if you're not there. you deserve the best of wishes. you are wonderful. can't wait to see your new born beauty soon. peace.

  18. You are love
    you are Grey's Anatomy
    God bless you and your family

  19. Ellen,
    Thank you so much for all that you have given us as an actress and as a human being. You are truly an inspiration and I look up to you so much. Congratulations on your little one :)and becoming a mom!
    Lots of Love,
    Laura (NJ) xoxoxo

  20. Hi Ellen,

    My name is Madison, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Australia. I've been a big fan of yours ever since I watched you play Bertie Knox in Moonlight Mile. Your presence on screen was breathtaking. I love you in all your movies. Then in 2005 I hear you're in a new medical drama. So I decide to check it out, cause if it's got you in it, it must be great. Ever since the first episode, I've been addicted to Grey's Anatomy. Your portrayal of Dr. Meredith Grey is briliant every time I watch, and I'm captivated by the raw emotion put forth in every performance. I've been watching you for 5 years now, and not once have I not fallen more in love with your character. Not to mention your fantastic chemistry with Patrick Dempsey... Meredith and Derek are truly extraordinary.

    Mostly I just want you to know that I adore you, and think you're absolutely stunning. You have a simplicity that is truly endearing. You have a way of making us all smile whenever whenever we hear you giggle, or hear you talk. You're so full of life. Your eyes have a depth to them, that just draw us in. Long story're beatufiul inside and out.

    I wish you all the best, and hope that your life is filled with nothing but joy. Good luck to you and Chris with your first born. You'll make an amazing mother.

    If you ever decide to come to Australia... well, I'd love that and I'm sure all your fans here would too. I would be honoured if I had the opportunity to meet you in person.

    Good luck with everything. I look forward to watching you on TV again soon.

    All my love.

    Madison xoxo

  21. Ellen Pompeo you are an amazing actress and person! God Bless you and your family! The best of luck to you with your new baby!

  22. Dear Ellen,

    Firstly, I'd just like to say congratulations on your baby! I'm sure you will make an awesome mother and I wish you, Chris and the rest of your family all the best in the future.

    You are an amazing actress and everyone I know always seems to agree. You are the reason Grey's has become the sensation that it has and it's your acting and portrayal of 'Meredith Grey' that brings millions of fans around the world in front of their TV screens to tune in to the happenings at Seattle Grace. You make the show what it is and you allow viewers everywhere to feel as though they are connected to the incredibly real and perfectly flawed character that is Meredith.

    I've seen basically all of the work you've done outside of Grey's Anatomy and even back when you appeared on Law & Order and played the part of a messed up and deranged, psycho killer girlfriend, you acted beautifully. You bring every character you play to life and make even the most surreal situations believable. You are one of the best actors out there, definitely the best in my opinion and not only that but you seem to be such a nice person too. Despite having such fame and success you still seem real and to fans that is something that comes across so easily by the way you are in interviews, on-screen and when you meet fans in person. You don't seem like you are the type of person that has put on a front and completely changed who they are when they made it big. You make it seem like it isn't impossible for normal people to achieve the things they work hard at.

    And to me, you are an inspiration, a role model and some one who I can look up to. Not just because your famous and gorgeous or anything like that, but because your life and the way you live it gives me hope. It gives me hope that just because you don't come from a rich back ground or have been given an endless list of opportunities, you can still make something of your self and do whatever it is that you want to. You make me feel like if I set myself goals, I can achieve them. And even if things don't look the way I planned or I'm temporarily pulled back, I can still make my dreams a reality.

    So, I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you do and everything that you are. Even though I haven't ever met you and I may not ever even get the chance to, I think the person that I believe you are, someone who has achieved a career they wanted and seems genuinely happy and thankful with all that they have, despite going through hard times and things that would leave most people having given up, is really who you are. Someone who is normal, appreciative and hasn't let fame get to her head. You really are a role model and as a teenager, I think it is important to have someone like you that I can look up to. Even if I don't know you and never will, it's nice to see someone like you grace our screens every week and live a seemingly normal life.

    Congratulations and good luck, from just another fan in Australia.
    Bekah xx

    PS. That was actually a lot longer than I planned it to be, sorry to any one who had to scroll through all that :P

  23. Dear Ellen,

    Okay so I wrote this SUPER long letter, then it doesn't post, so we'll try again.

    My name is Ashlee and I'm almost 15, I've loved you since 2005. :D I wanted to tell you how amazing and beautiful you are inside and out. You never let fame get to you and your constantly giving, not taking. You are my hero, literally. I look up to you and only have the utmost respect.

    You as a person and you as Meredith help me get through all of my "dark and twisty-ness" And it's a lot!! But that's life. I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for taking the role of Meredith and changing my life forever. You make everything you do better. I adore you and always will. I know you'll be the most amazing mother this world has EVER seen, because of who you are. You seriously seriously help me, indirectly. Through the monolouges to just lighting up the screen as Mer. You are truley truley amazing!!! Sorry I can't spell. :p But seriously, having to deal with my parents and what I got going on, isn't easy, but I think well, even if she's not real... Meredith did it so so can I. Basically what I'm trying to say is I love everything about you, from your down to earth-ness, to your acting abilities, to your smile and giggle. I adore it all! I wish to meet you 1 day and hopefully it will happen, but if not I'll live with just seeing you on TV because that's a blessing in itself. :) Also your a amazing role model, you make me wanna chase my dreams and become something. So for that I will be forever grateful. :D And the MerDer, awesome!! I love it! You and PD are so amazing! That also gives me hope that Dark and Twisty can find love. And even with scary issues and a crap family, you can pull through. So thank you. :)

    Congratulations on your 1st child and good luck. I wish you only the best and more. :) Can't wait till Grey's! :D

    <3 Ashlee

  24. P.s Mine woulda been like 10000000000000000x longer, but I felt like other people should be able to post and stuff. Haha. I could go on for days on why your so amazing, see I'm starting again,. Haha.

    <3 Ashlee... again

  25. We love you Ellen! Thank you for making Grey's such a success. It wouldn't have happened without you. You're the reason we watch week after week. Congrats to you and your husband on the soon-to-be baby! We're so happy for you!


  26. Ellen makes Grey's worth watching. Peace.

  27. Hi Ellen, I love your show and you make it worth watching. I just wish you happiness with all the stuff that you're going through.


    Ooh, and because of your show, I will pursue my first and only dream job! You know what that is.

    Keep safe! ♥

    Angelica Abad

  28. i love ellen.

    i wish her and chris much love and luck with the baby.

    i can not wait till she's back on tv.


  29. ogm ellen i love you, you are amazing and i love you on grey's antomy you make it grey's anatomy it would not be the same without you, without your tears your laughers your sweet smile you everything to grey's anatomy thank you for being an amazing actress
    good luck be a mummy i am sure you will make an amazing one :)

  30. Ellen we love you.
    just wanted to say that.

  31. Congratulations on your baby. I hope you have a safe healthy delivery and we see you happy like always.

    You are my hero I love you. and I hope you continue on Greys as the best lead on tv there is. you are amazing and I thank you.
    plus I hope you do movies soon because you are great at it. Moonlight Mile is one of my favorite movies ever, and I also love you in life of the party.

    best of wishes to you and Chris.

  32. I love you Ellen. Your fans are the best because you are the best. Grey's Anatomy is Meredith Grey to me. I hope you come back with one really big amazing story line because you do it so well. Gives me goose bumps how real and amazing you are as Meredith Grey.
    Can't wait to see your cute baby (if you choose to share pictures) we respect your choice whatever it is. :) lots of love to you and Chris as well.
    Eric D.

  33. Hi Ellen. I am from Jordan, and I want you to know you have a huge fan base here, yes all the way in the middle east. So many people adore Grey's Anatomy and love you so much and Meredith Grey is like one of the most favored characters on tv for us. We start season 6 a few months after the USA and I don't like that because I can't wait. but I will be getting the DVD soon of season 5 to keep myself busy till then :). Even the person who did this blog is a fan from Jordan as well and I love that. and I love how many fans you have all over the world. this is just amazing.
    Good luck in your pregnancy and wish you all happiness and pink ribbons, smiles and laughter. Thank you for always remembering the fans. You are totally awesome.
    Nicolas Dababneh, Jordan.

  34. Ellen , you are super awesome. I am your biggest fan. We love you, and I love that you are from my hometown, Boston. I love it when your accent comes out, reminds me of home and makes me proud that Ellen Pompeo is from where I am.
    Hi, I'm Sara :)

  35. Ellen, you are my reason for watching GREYS. I will miss you very much while you miss a few episodes, but I am really happy for you. Congratulations on your baby girl. Send ALL my love and bless to you.

    Ka, from Hong Kong

  36. Hi, Ellen, I am from Brazil and you have millions fans here!! I love you for the work and person you are.Good luck with your new job,be a Mom!Congratrulations for the baby and the beautifull work in Grey's Anatomy.I hope see soon at movies too!!
    Happiness...Have a beautifull life!
    São Paulo,Brazil

  37. Hey Ellen
    you're awesome :)
    and I guess you will be an awesome mother. you're child is soooooo blessed to have a mother like you :)
    you're the reason why I started watching grey's and you'll be the reason to watch it until the end.
    you're simply perfect for the role as meredith :)

    wish you all the best for the baby :)

    much much much much much love from germany and my whole family,
    Kristin :)

  38. Hi Ellen, my name is Julia, and I'm from Ohio. I am a huge huge huge fan of yours and of Grey's Anatomy. Thank you for everything and I hope we see more of you in movies in the coming yearts and more of Meredith Grey as well. I love everything you do and always keep trakc of your news and work. You are atrue role model. thank you. You will be one amazing mom I'm sure :)

  39. I Lovee You Ellen :D
    Thanks For Making Our Thursdayy Nights more enjoyable (:

    Good Luck With Your Baby
    You'll Be A Great Mother

    Amy x

  40. I love you Ellen.
    you are Grey's Anatomy for me. best of luck with becoming a new amazing mom.

  41. Dear Ellen,

    Your Meredith Grey is the heart and soul of Grey's and that can only be attributed to your incredible acting talent.

    We'll miss you when you are gone for awhile but we wish you all the best with the new baby when he or she arrives.

    The fans will be rooting for you for a SAG and GG nomination. It's way overdue and will be so well deserved.

    Enjoy your time off! :)


  42. Hey Ellen,

    First of all, congratulations to you and Chris with the pregnancy.

    Thank you for all the extra time and effort you are putting into filming, whilst heavily pregnant, but the most important thing is that mom and baby stay healthy.

    I make the time to watch Grey's every week, and you are my main reason why(Watching Patrick and the rest of the cast is a mega-plus too.)
    You get the emotion in every scene spot on for Meredith, which can only be a testiment to your wonderful acting talent.
    I can relate to Meredith in many ways(the whole Dark'n'Twisty thing and the Alzheimers in particular) which is why Meredith is my favourite lead character on all shows. It's because she isn't perfect all the time, nor does she have the 'perfect' life. Far from it actually.

    I've been watching Grey's since the very beginning and have never fallen more in love with a character, not forgetting the amazing chemistry you have with Patrick Dempsey. MerDer is my favourite on-screen couple on TV which shows just how great the chemistry is between you and Patrick.
    Also the chemistry between all of the cast(You, Patrick, Sandra, Katie, Eric etc.) makes every scene enjoyable to watch.

    However, I am going to miss my Meredith/George scenes. Your and TR's chemistry was a joy to watch on TV, and I am going to miss it.

    I hope you get SAG and GG nominations. They are definitely well deserved and long overdue.

    Hope you have a safe delivery, whenever the little one decides to pop out.

    Kirstie from England

  43. Ellen,

    It's amazing how you've touched the hearts of so many people all around, the world, including mine. You're an incredibly amazing person, and I wish you all the best in your career and, of course, as a mother.

    We love you!

    ♥, Elyssa

  44. Hey, just wanted you to know that I love you like I've never loved anyone. You're the best in the ALL WORLD !!
    Grey's wouldn't be that good without you (and Paddy of course!), and it's always a pleasure to watch GA again, and again, and again, and again, ect ...
    Grey's Anatomy is my reason for getting up in the monrning. I just LOVE YOU <3
    Myriam, from South Africa

  45. Ellen we love you so much. Your acting is just fantastic, you deserve an award for all your efforts and great performances. I love the fact that you're becoming a mom :). It's too adorable. best of wishes to you and Christopher.

  46. I love Grey's Anatomy and Meredith Grey. thank you Ellen for making it so great. and for remembering the fans all the time. you are truly amazing. we love you.
    Tara Daniels

  47. we love you Ellen. you deserve all the love awards and everything great. thank you for making Grey's the best show ever. and thank you Shonda for choosing Ellen. :)

  48. Ellen, you are truly a wonderful talented gorgeous person. And I adore you. God Bless.

  49. Ellen, you are truly a wonderful talented gorgeous person. And I adore you. God Bless.

  50. Ellen, you are truly a wonderful talented gorgeous person. And I adore you. God Bless.

  51. Thank you for this website. Ellen deserves all the love out there. I can't wait to see you back on tv every thursday. You make it perfect.

  52. Godbless you and may you have a safe delivery. You are the reason I watch Grey's Anatomy.

  53. Ellen you are one amazing actress. I love how you portray Meredith Gray, you hooked me to this amazing show. I would love to see you in movies as well. God bless you and I know you will be a super mom :)

  54. love you Ellen. don't ever leave Grey's. I watch to see you. good luck to you and Chris for being new parents soon. Nina

  55. Words can't even express how grateful I am that Ellen is so dedicated to everything she does. She's still on her feet, filming god knows how many hours a day, to make sure we'll have enough of her on our screen before she leaves to have her baby! That's seriously hardcore! She's the reason I watch Grey's. Mer, together with Der, are the heart of this show, and I wouldn't want to miss one epi when they're/she's in it! All the love from the world for Ellen, and I wish you all the happiness,joy, and love that comes with having a baby!

  56. Love you Ellen the way you play Meredith is awesome and no one would have done a better job.
    Congrats in you're baby and thanks for making GA watchable lately along with Patrick.

  57. Ellen Pompeo, you have the cutest most adorable most beautiful smile on TV and I love it. your acting is superb and done so well its even hard to describe. I love everthing about you. Wishing you the best always.


  58. My reason for watching Grey's Anatomy. love your work always. You eyes can tell a full story. thank you for everything and for always remembering the fans. You are a wonderful role model. God Bless you as a new mom always.

  59. Hi my name is jake, and I first fell inlove with you and your work through Moonlight Mile. It was breathtaking. Then I saw you in other movies old and new and just loved you even more and how happy I was to find you on TV five years ago as the heroin of this amazing new series about clueless doctors. I loved the show and I loved your part, a lot. I am an addicted fan now. thanks for all the great work huge effort and love you pour into everything you do. Will always watch anything you do. Stay Well.

    you'll be a great mom
    can't to see you on Grey's again

  61. Ellen! I'm Martina from Argentina. I've to say that I LOVE YOUR WORK! Yeah, you're fantastic! I love how you take Meredith on Grey's Anatomy, she's my favourite character! And WOW, in Moonlight Mile you were EXTREMELY GREAT!!!!! I love your acting, you do it very well! Of course, I've to say that. You're the most beautiful woman of the world!!! I love your eyes, they're amazing! Your laugh is very cute! I'm very happy that you're going to have a girl, you'll be a WONDERFUL MOM! :) Can't wait to see you on Grey's again! I'm so excited! I LOVE YOU POMPEO a lot! Good luck with everything!

  62. Ellen you are amazing in every way possible. can't wait for season 6 Meredith Grey and I hope to one day see in movies as great a Moonlight Mile and even greater. take care of yourself and your family. cheers. Tim

  63. My God, there's a lot of people here!!Nice =]
    Ellen, you're an amazing actress. What I most admire is your eyes and smile. They seem to be so true, so deep.And you're always smiling.
    Thank you for showing us a uncommon, mainly for people here, in Brazil
    Love you...

  64. Ellen, it's so great to see so many people taking the time to write this small note to you because you mean this much to them. It's rare to find that. You obviously touched so many people with your amazing acting and by being a beautiful person inside out. Your fans adore you and you deserve it and more. Peace.
    Have fun being a first time mom :) it's a wonderful gift.


  65. I just want to say that Grey's Anatomy changed my life. You are a huge part of that reason because I saw myself in you. I'm only a teenager and I have problems nobody would ever seem to understand. Then I watched you as Meredith Grey, and everything fit. Thank you for being such an amazing actress. I never thought that a TV show would make me think about myself so much. You are a giant part of my happiness. Grey's keeps me sane, so keep on going.

  66. I am a big fan. I can't find the right words to describe what it means to me to watch you on tv or even in movies. but specially as Meredith Grey. It's inspirational to me because I connect with a lot of what happens because you make feel so real. thank you. my whole family loves you and watches your show. I wish you a healthy and blessed time with your new baby soon...

  67. Hi Ellen! My name is Nicole and I am 16. I just wanted to say how amazingly talented you are as an actress. I love your work in Moonlight Mile and Grey's Anatomy. I got hooked on Greys after watching one of your scenes. You fit and play the role of Meredith so perfectly.

    You are a great role model because not only are you amazing on screen, but off screen too. The cast only ever has good things to say about you. You are full of life and extremely beautiful inside and out. Hundreds of people look up to you as a role model, myself included.

    Congratulations on your first child. I can tell you are going to be an amazing mother.


  68. Hi Ellen
    your the best actress on tv for me
    I love watching you so come back to us soon ok all safe and happy with a little adorablle mini Ellie :)
    love you always

  69. You're amazing, Ellen. From that messed-up person who killed her sister in that one Law and Order episode to Bertie to Meredith Grey. You're talent is engrossing. It's totally fulfilling watching you as Meredith week after week. I know you don't always understand Meredith, but I hope you know that a lot of us do understand her and relate to her and find her a totally inspirational character in that, no matter what, she finds the strength to go on and keep herself together in the process. It's been amazing having Meredith to tune into week after week, and she would not be the best character on TV if it weren't for your portrayal of her. Thank you!

    I know your life is about to change in the most wonderful and extraordinary way possible, but I hope there's a lot more Meredith (and Ellen) to come.

  70. Good luck with being a new mom soon Ellen. we love you and hope to see you on Grey's more and more and on the big screen as well. you are wonderful to watch. and my sole reason for watching grey's anatomy. thank you for it all.

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  72. You are the best actress ever! I love you so much, can't wait for season6 of Grey's to start! Can't wait for baby Pompeo. Take care of your self and keep up the good work.
    Claire from the Bukeye State

  73. What I love about you?
    - You're an amaizing actress, you can make me laugh and cry just with your facial expression
    - you're a humble and grateful person, you never put yourself ahead and your always thankful toward the fans
    - directors, producers, actors, colleagues, friends or fans who talk about you only have nice compliments to qualify you
    - you're the best role model for all generation
    - I love your engagement in things you defend as when you were campaigning for Obama or when you went in this pediatric unit a few month ago to meet these sick children.
    - You're beautiful, you're a real natural beauty, I love your eyes, your smile, your laugh...
    I can continue indefinitely about what I like about you since I adore you and admire you so much.

    What I wish you is:
    - my best for your baby, you'll be a wonderful mother and Chris a great daddy :), God bless your family
    - a long career, I watch Grey's Anatomy because of you, Meredith wouldn't be the same if it wasn't you
    - I hope we'll see you in movies soon, you're a gifted actress, your talent should be seen in a big screen.
    - I wish you the best in the world because you deserve it.

    I love you Ellen and congratulation for Baby Pompeo Ivery :)

    Kamilia from France

  74. Congratulations on your baby! I wish you all the best of luck with everything. You are absolutely amazing and I'm sorry all the paparazzi bug you so much. It must be annoying. I hope once your (very lucky) baby is born, they'll eventually let you have some peace and quiet and family time; you seemed to have tricks for making them think you're boring. :)

    You're an absolutely amazing actress AND person (something rare) and I'm honored to even know of you.

    Thanks, and best wishes!

  75. First, I'd like to commend Rula for creating this amazing website. Great Job!

    Hi Ellen,

    My friend (Ana from Spain) and I had the pleasure of meeting you while you were campaigning for Obama in North Carolina last year.

    Meeting you was something that she nor I will ever forget. You proved to us what we've always known, that you are an extremely endearing, grounded and humble woman who is grateful for your millions of fans and supporters.

    We wish you a lifetime of health and happiness for you, Chris and the very lucky baby girl that is about to be brought into this world.

    We look forward to another amazing season of Grey's and next year when my girls and I return to the Emmy fan stands, YOU will be there waving to us as you walk into accept your much deserved Emmy. You are an extremely gifted and talented actress, as I said when I met you and as you can see by this amazing website, you have a tremendous amount of love and support.

    Much love,

    Nikki from Baltimore, MD
    Ana from Spain
    Suzie from Los Angles, California
    Lolo from San Francisco, California
    (The above three will also be devoting their love as well)

  76. You play your role wonderfully. So full of emotion yet subtly played. I wish you well and Godbless.

  77. Ellen i just want to say
    T H A N K Y O U S O M U C H <3
    u're just the best,

  78. Ellen we love you, thank you for everything and good luck in your new mommy duty :) can't wait to see you on tv again and again and again....

  79. I love Grey's Anatomy because of you Ellen.
    I watch for Meredith Grey. thank you for making her so great and for Shonda for trusting you with the most amazing role on tv today. Meredith is wonderful to watch and you , the wonderful amazing you, you make her so great. thanks Ellen. Tom

  80. Thank you for making Meredith Grey my favorite character ever. You are amazing, you touched so many people and so many people love you because you are so humble and wonderful human being. Thank you for being you.

    I know your baby is going to be just gorgeous. can't wait to see pic if ever released. take care and sit back and put your feet up now :) you deserve it.

    Hope to see you over and over again on grey's soon. with a lot of great story lines to come.

  81. I'm unsure of what i would do with my life if i couldn't watch you on Grey's anatomy. My life has changed so much because of that show. Thank you, please don't ever change.

  82. Ellen, my dream is to one day meet you. From the so mayn wonderful stories I read about those who met you already. The all rave about how gorgeous of a person you are. How endearing, down to earth and simply pleasant to be around. They all came back loving you even more and became avid followers and super fans. You have a maginc about you and I love that. I really love you as Meredith Grey and wish to see you in movies as well. You are my reason for tuening on the tv on thursday nights and keeping everyone out, because it's Meredith Grey time. :) I love you. thank you so much for everything. and the best of wishes to you and your hubby and the beautiful baby girl on the way.

    Kathleen Melony

  83. Hi Ellen love you and you very beautiful and pretty and congrats on the 100th episode in Grey's Anatomy
    love ya and take care.

    Pritika Prasad
    Via Twitter

  84. Ellen i love you and I watch Grey's because of you. Meredith Grey is my favorite character out there. I would love to see in the movies too.

    You are a beautiful beautiful person. With the cutest most adorable giggle and laugh I have ever heard :) I am so happy I am your fan. :)

  85. Ellen I love you and I wait for those thursdays with such impatience each time because I adore Meredith Grey and how you potray her every time. you're amazing. thank you for everything.

  86. Ellen, I love you like how Ellen and Meredith. I'm from Brazil and here we are your fans, never let Gray's Anatomy. We love you! And congratulations on the pregnancy.
    The Brazil loves you



  89. Dear Ellie,

    My girl Nikki from Baltimore couldn’t have said it better- you are all she described and then some. I lived vicariously though her and Ana when they squealed for like an hour about how they got to meet you in North Carolina and how genuinely kind you were. I wasn’t even jealous because they confirmed for a fact that which us, your die-hard fans, feel- that you are one of the classiest, most sincere and down to earth people in Hollywood. It’s always so great to know that a person as gorgeous and breathtaking as you are is as equally beautiful on the inside.

    Like so many others have said before me, thank you for all your hard work on the show that we all know and love. You are the reason why five years later, I’m still addicted to Grey’s Anatomy and why Thursday is now my favorite day of the week. Your portrayal of Meredith Grey…I don’t possess the sophisticated enough vocabulary to do your performance any justice. Your subtlety is astounding. You’re extremely talented and make it terribly difficult to not get so emotionally invested in your character and story line. It’s perfectly clear that you pour every ounce of energy into your character and for that I cannot thank you enough.

    Congratulations! I wish you the best with the rest of your pregnancy, a safe delivery, and all the luck in the world to you, Chris, and your baby girl- she’s going to be gorgeous! It will be so weird watching the episodes you’re not in but rest assured that I will continue watching nonetheless while anxiously awaiting your return!

    Much Love,

    Lorena aka LoLo
    San Francisco, CA

    You’ve so been robbed by the Academy on multiple occasions, but I won’t get into that. I can go on for hours, Nikki, Ana, and Suzie all know that lol ;-) Love ya!

  90. Ellen I love you. It will be very hard to watch Greys with so little Mer in them, I won't like it, I won't enjoy it.

    I watch for Meredith, for you. You are simply amazing. But I wish you all the best a huge huge amazing storyline when you return because you just nail them all the time.
    best of wishes.

  91. You rocks every work,every day!!Tanks for beautifull work on show and movies...I miss see you on movies,but I love you on Grey's Anatomy,Meredith is a lovely and beautty person,she's different and I learn with little things with her.Thanks again!!
    Vivi from Brazil

  92. hello ms ellen! i'm elaine from the philippines. i would just like to say, yay! congratulations, you are having a baby already! yay you! i'm sure you're gonna rock it , being a mom i mean, like you rock being mer. i'm truly happy for you. and uhm,thank you for playing mer so well. i love mer. she makes me feel like there's hope for me too. haha. yeah. i would like to believe that i am twisted too like mer. not dark .or maybe a little dark. im twisted and a little dark. so there, mer gives me the hope that i can be uhm normal too. haha. so there. oh well. i love GA. i am a med student now because of GA. thank you so much for the inspiration. keep up your good work. you make lots of people happy. really. seriously. take care. and good luck with being a moomy. :)

  93. I met you once in NY a few years ago, you were with Chris and both were so nice with me and my mother.
    I love you Ellen <3
    I love your work as Meredith.
    I want to see you in MOVIES, your so talented.
    Sometimes I feel like Grey's Anatomy's writers don't give you material and yet with the bit they give you, you shine through my TV.
    You're so beautiful and you act amazingly.
    I wish you my best for your baby, Chris and you'll be wonderful, this baby is so lucky to get to know you, especially as it mommy :)
    I wish you a long career too.

    With love Selena <3

  94. Ellen,

    Where to start...
    Your beauty: Your eyes, your smile, your hair... you're my Dreamy Gorgeous Girl. Patrick is lucky to get to kiss you on screen and Chris is lucky to have you as his wife and mother of his child.
    I have a crush for you!

    Your talent: God, I'm a man and man don't cry, yet some of your scenes brought tears in my eyes. As it has been said, I'm dying to see you in movies again, you were amazing in "Moonlight Mile"s and so cute in "Catch me if you can". Please come back in movies!

    Your personality: you're so humble, I appreciate the way you see things, I love your engagement as the campaign for Obama.

    I love all about you Ellen.

    Congratulations for your baby.

    Thank you for being you.

  95. You're an inspiration, you may not see what you do as very noble, as you once mentioned, but trust me with so many fans from all over the world following you and taking the time to write to you about how much it means to them to watch you portray Meredith Grey on their TVs and beg you to come back and do movies again is such a huge thing, and shows how much you have inlfuenced so many lives by simply being humble, gracious, beautiful, adorable and one hell of a talented actress.

    Your talent is fantastic and worth every bit of compliment it gets and more. You deserve that Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG and your fans won't rest till you get it. And hope that your career will carry one success after success from now on...

    You deserve all the best life can give you. Keep on inspiring...

    Ted M.

  96. Ellen,
    All these comments are all very well written! I couldn't have said it any better! You are talented, beautiful, and an inspiration! You're my favourtie actress and I hope to meet you one day. Thank you for being who you are.

    You are going to be an amazing mother. Congratulations!!

    Nicole from Canada! :)


    -M from Phil. :)

  98. Hi Ellen. I just wanted to say how much I love your work, all of it. you put so much into it, it's so real and touches the heart. specially the emmotional scenes, you are really fantastic at it all. Best of pink happy wishes :) to you and Chris and the new baby to be. you are amazing. and i love you. thank you for it all, and please let there be more to come...


  99. Ellen, you are a fabulously talented actress. I really enjoy watching you on Grey's Anatomy; you do a great job of making Meredith a very real character. I don't think I've ever seen an actress who can do as much with facial expression and body language as you can. Meredith is not an easy character to play (although I think she is a fascinating and rich character), but you rise to the challenge, every time. I hope that soon you will get the recognition you deserve - I can't believe you haven't won an Emmy yet, because you certainly deserve one. In any case, I wish you the best with your new baby, and look forward to seeing you next season on Grey's. Sincerely,
    Chloe from Boston, MA

  100. Ellen = Grey's Anatomy to me
    Meredith Grey IS Grey's Anatomy.

    I loved you since Moonlight Mile. you inspired me and touched me on so many levels. Your acting, raw emotions, expressions, voice, words, eyes, everything is just perfect on screen. And so humble and thankful and beautiful and incredibly adorable in real life. It all touches me deeply and makes me proud to be a fan of Ellen Pompeo.

    Ellen you rock!
    keep on rocking... you make a perfect mama to be

  101. Your amazing! I love your acting! :)

  102. Dear Ellen Kathleen Pompeo,

    I'm a BIG fan of you like all other fans on this site. I saw you at first on Grey's as Meredith with Patrick Dempsey as Derek and you to are the best, sweet, HOTTEST Tv couple EVER!!
    and your the best actress ever and in Grey's your differently the number one of Grey's how you act with Patrick it's like he is really your love but that's Chris and he has to be the happiest man of the world with you and now when you to going to have your first child soo sweet I know your child will be have great parents.
    Ellen, you look always Great! especially your hair and I love how you laugh it's soo sweet! :D

    but I can write a long long message about how Great you are and are my Big inspiration but I hope and I will try everything when I can try all things to meet you and than I will tell everything how Great even better than great you are.
    but Ellen you are the number one of the world I will always adore you hope you stay very very very long in Grey's, have a great live with you first child and with chris, and maybe you will play in new movies :D

    A lot of Hugh Kisses,

    Kiona form The Netherlands

  103. Richard Hi Ellen I`m from Mexico,and I`m a big fan of you. You`re so beautiful and talented, and will miss you when you`re for a time gone by Grey`s because you`re GREY`S for me but it`s for something really great. MY BEST WISHES FOR YOU, CHRIS AND THE BABY GIRL. TENDER KISSES

  104. Dear Ellen

    You are a amazing actress and you are the reason for me to watch Grey's and your amazing chemistry with Patrick Dempsey

    Thank you for making mine thursdays night so special. Grey's will never be Grey's Anatomy without you Ellen.

    I wish you all the best in the future and as a mom I'm a mom and it is amazing.
    Good luck for you and Chris

    from Magdalena The Netherlands

  105. Ellen you ROCK ... I love you ... I love you. You´re my favourite actress. In Portugal everyone talks about Grey´s, everyone talks about Meredith and Derek :) GA is in top 10 every week!!!!!
    I wish you all the best, and hope that your life is filled with nothing but joy. Good luck to you and Chris with your first born. You'll make an amazing mother.

  106. Dear Ellen,
    You are an amazingly talented actress, and you inspire me! I plan to go into acting, and you are such a great example for all actors, in all feilds. You don't simply bring Meredith, my favorite character, to life, you make her real and believable. You add so much richness to her, and you inspire and enchant viewers all over the world. Every week, you send us all a moral, a message, and you give us hope. Because of you, i now feel that it's possible for me to put my talents out there, and be noticed as an artist. Your message with this character is so powerful that it makes me want to go out into the world and make people feel the way watching you makes me feel. I hope to meet you one day, just to tell you how much I admire you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me, and inspiring the people that watch this amazing show, every thursday night. I know your baby will be just as amazing as you are!

    Lots of love,

    Rosina from Minnesota

  107. Ellen,

    you're an amazing actress. I wish you and your baby only the best.


  108. Dear Ellen, We are your biggest spanish fans. You are our favourite actress, and it's because of you and Patrick Dempsey that we have been totally Grey's addicts since the beggining.You have a lot of fans in Spain, and we hope you can visit our country some day.
    We are very happy for you and your baby girl! You are a really beautiful pregnant woman!We are gonna miss you when you have to leave Grey's because of your maternity leave, so we wish we could see again soon! There's no Grey's Anatomy without our beloved Meredith Grey. We need a lot of MerDer stuff, so please, come back soon! We need you!We could spend long hours, telling you how amazing you are. You are very talented, and every Thursday you surprise us with your great Meredith Grey performance.
    So, in a few words: YOU ARE FANTASTIC!

    We have a blog, and we are trying to support you every day. Visit us, please!:

    We wish you all the best in the future. You deserve it! And please, don't leave Grey's never!

    We love you Ellen!
    Go Ellen Go Staff (Salud and Marta, from Spain)

  109. Ellen, you're awesome. Period. I think that says it all ;)
    Just stay the way you are. You are loved by sooo many people, and that shows just how wonderful you are.
    You hopefully live a long and happy life with your family. I wish you all the best in the world. Thanks for being you. And I'm sure you are gonna be an excellent mother. Congratulations! :)

    Sina from Germany :)

  110. ellen!!! you so amazing and beautiful!!! i love watching you on Greys anatomy i am such a fan of yours and i will be for years to come!!! good luck with everything and i wish you the best!!!

  111. Dear Ellen,

    First I would like to wish you the best for your baby and your whole family. It is such an amazing thing to have a little baby in our hands. So welcome to your little girl in this world.

    Second, I would like to tell you that you're an amazing actress. I watch Grey because of you, and we are going to miss you (hopefully we will have plenty of Meredith during the second half of the season ... maybe a Mc Baby ahead, I would love it).

    My best to you and your family xxxx
    Emma from France

  112. Cristina in RomaniaSeptember 8, 2009 at 4:02 AM

    Ellen, you are such an amazing, talented actress and such a wonderful person! It doesn't take a person long to realize that; watching as little as 5 minutes of Grey's Anatomy, or Moonlight Mile would convince anyone of your greatness.
    I have utmost admiration and respect for you and wish you the very best in life and career for many years to come!

  113. Dear Ellen :)
    Firstly I'm so happy for you and your guys are expecting your baby soon, I wish you guys have a healthy baby and a happy family =)

    Although I'm not from a broken family, I'd still touched by the story of Meredith Gre I can really feel for her whenever the story focuses on her background, her mom or her relationship with the chief. And I believe that it is because of your genuine acting. Your portrayal of Meredith Grey is always so subtle, not too dramatic and that makes her character so real and touches many fans =)

    The story of Meredith Grey really has affected me a lot throughout the past few years. It helps shaping a little of my personalities and the way I see the world and other people. Thanks to you and your colleagues =)

    I don't know when will Grey's end...but I still wanna see you doing movies or other TV shows, and I know a lot of fans are with me too =) Wish you all the best in Hollywood and take care!!!

    xoxo Chloe
    PS: I agree with Shonda, you really are the most adorable pregnant mom-to-be I've ever seen =)

  114. What a great idea!! I love what you wrote up there! I completely feel those butterfly etc :)))
    To Ellen, I think you are wonderful because you're so unpretentious and level-headed with your fame and beauty. I am a 38-yr-old mother of 2 boys and has been hooked with Grey's Anatomy because of Meredith since Season 1. From there, I get to "know" Ellen as the actress who play the amazing Meredith and I have found she is even more amazing than Meredith. Wish you all the best with the baby Ellen!!! Enjoy your maternity leave and motherhood, although I'm not gonna be happy not seeing more of you on-screen but you deserve the time off. And for the wonderful person like you are, you deserve the very best! Love you Ellen :)))

  115. Dear Ellen,

    You (and TR) have been my favorite from the start. You are such a wonderful actress, with such a beautiful contagious laugh. You seem to be a really amazing friendly and down-to-earth person in real life. Congrats on your baby. I know you will make a great mom. We will all miss you very much, but please rest and take care of yourself. You deserve some time with your baby. We will wait patiently for your return. Thank you so much for shooting extra scenes for your fans. That is going above and beyond.

    Thanks for all the wonderful moments you gave us as Meredith.

    Your fan for life,

  116. Oh, Ellen. You are just so fantastic. You bring Meredith Grey to life in a way that no one else ever could have. You are so adorable and so likeable and are a big part as to why Grey's Anatomy works. All of us Grey's Anatomy fans love you so much and only wish you the best in life.
    Thank you so much for being Meredith Grey for us. That's the best gift we ever could have recieved. Thank you!

  117. First, thank you for creating this!

    I'm french and I'm watching this show since season 1!

    I love how you have made evolve your character despite the poor storyline that you're sometimes given! I wish the world would see how an amazing actress you are and how a beautiful human being you seem to be! You deserve so much more credit!

    I'm sure you'll make a wonderful mom! I'll miss Meredith during your maternity leave, and I wish you good luck with the delivery!

    Love from France!

  118. I too would like to thank you for your work on Grey's Anatomy. Actors have an wonderful gift to give us fans and that is they make us happy just by doing their job. We love watching your work and will miss you while you are off. I wish you all the best with your family but Grey's will not be the same without you - even if there is another "Grey" on the set. Marlene

  119. Hi Ellen is my third cmmnt
    i just want to say
    that you're a gonna the best McMommy eveer!
    and u are my favorite actress i lovee u so much, pleease come to Mexico so i can meet you
    thank you for everythin
    PEEACE&LOVEE at Iaeel
    first site of MG for you mde by me

    Yael :)

  120. Ellen, You have captivated me since you were in Moonlight Mile. Your acting is amazing, and your ability to 'become' a character is evident. You make Meredith relate to us all, and you also leave us wanting a friend like her. Thank you for your work...-Nicole

  121. Ellen, You are an amazing and beautiful actress. I love watching you portray Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy and your character relates to so many of us. Good Luck with the baby. You are going to be an amazing mother.

    Love, Lauren from Texas

  122. Dear Ellen,
    I flat out love you. Your acting is flawless, you are flawless!! i look forward to seeing you on Grey's every week, and when i can't do that i pop in my Grey's dvd collection, just to see you SHINE! :D You must be so excited for your baby, i can't wait to see what you name her, she is going to be gorgeous just like you. I MC TO THE LOVE YOUUUUUUU, keep being Bright & Shiny - although everyone has their Dark & Twisty moments.

    love, Lauren from Maryland.

  123. Dear Ellen,

    You're such an amazing and talented actress! You can make me laugh so hard until my tummy hurts or cry until there are no more tears. I look forward to watching Grey's Anatomy every Thursday, and turn to my DVDs otherwise. Thank you so much for your amazing work on Grey's Anatomy. Thank you for keeping me entertained for hours on end and keeping me sane during Uni!

    Congratulations on the pregnancy and best wishes to you and Chris with the new baby and everything else in the future. You'll be an amazing mum, just as you are an actress.

    Much Love,

  124. It's a beautiful thing to see you on tv, your acting is inspiring and I love you for that. you are a wonderful human being and one amazing actress. thank for everything looking forward to seeing you lots and lots more on tv and hopefully in the movies. take care.

  125. We love you Ellen. wish you all the best from England. You are the reason I watch Grey's Anatomy and now I am so happy for you and your new little baby girl coming soon :) take care and hope to see lots and lots of you on TV this season and the next and the next...

  126. Hey Ellen,I'm from Brazil, I'm 13 years old and I really love you. You're are so amazing with your fans and I wish you have a bright future with your bay end your husbend. Well, I'm big fan of your job and EVERY time that I see something written about you, I'm insane =DD . It's really funny. By the way, I really appreciate your job in Grey's. Congratulations =D

    So as your big fan, I wish all hapiness in the world for you, your husband and your little baby *---*

  127. Love you Ellen.
    wish you all the best. I watch Grey's Anatomy mainly for Meredith Grey. You make it so great. thank you.

  128. Ellen, seriously, Grey's without would you should be nothing .. Your chemestry with Patrick is one of the things that makes me love more and more greys .. Unless, your smile is perfect, and nobody in the world has the same laught as yours, your laught is more than perfect .. you're a great actress, and I'm sure that you're going to be such a wonderfull mother ..
    big kisses, from a brazilian girl that would like to be so cute as you are .. love you!

  129. Ellen you are my reason for watching Grey's Anatomy, I can never thank you and Shonda enough fro ading so muhc to my life.
    I truly love you and follow always. Would love to see you in another movie too. best of luck with your wonderful family to be, health and fortune and best of wishes to you.


  131. I love you Ellen, wish you all the best. always. Emma

  132. Short and sweet.. Keep up the amazing acting. Congrats with the baby and thankyou for being you. You are my role model. stay strong, best wishes and good luck for whatever the future holds for you. Xxx

  133. Ellen, you are just the best and my reason for watching Greys:)Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration!
    Best wishes for you and your family, Teresa from Germany

  134. Hi Ellen, sending you love and support from the UK. Love Greys so much and thank god for the internet that i can keep up with episodes cos the Uk is always so far behind!
    I think you are a beautiful, wonderful women and are going to make the most amazing mom in the world, your family is going to be so gorgeous!

    i love your character in greys, u play her so well, u make the viewers comepletly imagine what you are going through!
    you have made me laugh till my sides and belly hurt so much, you have made me cry like you wouldnt believe - in good and bad times!
    and like all MerDer fans out there im looking forwards for what the future brings on screen for meredith and derek! mainly good i hope!!

    good luck and i wish ur husbad chris a life time of happiness with your new bundle of joy when she? arrives!

    thanks for all your hard work and dedication
    love lots

    Gem xxx

  135. Ellen,

    you are amazing *-*
    I love you so much , thanks for everything !!!

    kisses from Brazil

    ps: sorry i don´t speak english very well

  136. Ellen, you inspire me so much.
    I will never forget the day I saw you at UNCW at the Obama rally. You are worlds most talented actress out there and you have changed television forever. THANK YOU for all that you do, you are the reason many of us watch Grey's Anatomy, you make Meredith Grey, Meredith Grey. You will make the most amazing mommy ever. Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything that you do, and what you continue to do. You are fabulous. THANK YOU ELLEN POMPEO.
    lOVE, your biggest fan , Whitney.

  137. Ellen,
    You're an amazing actress. I find it puzzling that you didn't win an Emmy Award this year. Thank you for making me love Meredith Grey and Grey's Anatomy. During your absence from the show everyone will miss you and it won't be the same.

  138. Hi Ellen I`m Richard from Mexico, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH you`re great person and actress. And I really love your beautiful blue eyes!!!!!! My best wishes for you and your baby.this is my third comment here. TENDER KISSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Love You Ellen Pompeo.

  140. Ellen, I love you and adore you and appreciate all the hard work and dedication you put into the show day in and day out. You are a true inspiration to me and i wish you and your husband all the love, happiness and absolute best with the upcoming arrival of your first bundle of joy. Your child is going to be so lucky to have a mommy like you. You are a gorgeous person inside and out, a true class act and you deserve all the best that the world has to offer.

    Your lovely smile, infectious laughter, natural beauty and talent light up the screen and is what makes Grey's Anatomy worth watching every week to me. Words cannot express how appreciative your fans are for just being who you are and just simply doing what you do. You are too cute for words.

    We love you lots Ellen <3


  141. Hey Ellen, I´m Camila from Germany =)

    well I think everything has already been said. There is nothing more to except of that you amaze me every time. I know I dont know you and I probably never will but you seem like such a nice person.
    All the best wishes for you and your baby =)

    If he or she is only half that beautiful and kind as its mom ... she/he will be a lucky and precious baby =)


  142. Good luck with your new baby! As Camila said, if they have any of your genes (which they obviously do) then that is one lucky baby indeed! I can't wait to see you rock the screen on Thursday! <3 Michelle
    YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. Dear Ellen,

    thank you for being such an inspiration in everything you do. For staying so true to yourself, for being you no matter what. For believing in your dream until you finally go what you've always wanted and what you lived for.
    Your acting is special because of who you are and how you see the world. I admire you for that.

    I wish nothing but the best for you for this new chapter of your life. You and Chris will be wonderful parents to a very lucky child. Embrace that.


  144. Ellen,
    Words cannot express how grateful I am for you playing Meredith Grey..You're an amazing actress all around, and I wish you much happiness, joy, and love with your baby arriving soon!

  145. Ellen Pompeo, truly one of the best people who have already had the pleasure of knowing.
    woman worthy, respected, humble, talented, brilliant, charming, beautiful, smiling, simple, legal, and many other good things.
    I first fell in love not by more Ellen , also Meredith, I can not say for which seje perhaps most passionate, perhaps by Ellen, Ellen for her behavior to be ... maybe Meredith Meredith on his way to be.
    Great actress Ellen got me away, left the character with a much more human and that only Ellen is able to act. And that performance, I felt something more in the scenes of Ellen, to laugh, cry, think, there's Ellen is my diva!
    beyond beautiful and extraordinary character / actress favorite of my life!
    I love Meredith Grey .. and am just fascinated by Ellen Pompeo!
    I wish the greatest happiness of the world for Ellen and for our "divinha" or "divinha" that is coming; D

    Bianca Martins
    a big fan of Brazil!

  146. Hey Ellen, I'm sure that pretty much everything has been said by the time you read my message, but I still wanna write and tell you how much I love you. It's hard to explain, because you must have fans tell you that every day, but I have a very strong feeling about you, meaning that I think you're wonderful, beautiful, talented and I'm sure you'll be the best mommy in the world. That said, I wanna thank you for working so hard on Grey's Anatomy even though you're pregnant, but you worked to keep us fans happy and we really appreciate it. Seriously. I truly love you. Thanks for everything you do and congratulations on the baby! Francesca from Italy.

  147. I love you, Ellen! You are the best. Beautiful, soft, with a wonderful voice, that beautiful belly ... Besides being the best actress I've ever seen. I love you, love you, love you, love you and love you! I do not know the size of my admiration for you. I can only say I want to be half of what you are when I grow kkkk Baby Congratulations and much happiness in your life! Kiss

    Ana from Brazil xoxo

  148. Oh, and thank you for existing! <3

  149. Ellen,

    You're one of the most talented and gorgeous actresses of this generation. You bring such emotional and realness to a role that isn't easy by any means.
    And even through pregnancy, you've been working hard days to give the fans what they need.
    We love and appreciate you, and wish you, Chris, and the baby only the best from here on out.

    Again, I hope you realize that you've changed lives of so many individuals.

    Thank you, for being you.

    Always, Dorrie


  151. OMG such a beautiful name!! Congrats to you and will be such good parents...already proved that by choosing not only an ordinary but extraordinary name for your baby girl!!

    xo camila

  152. Congratulations Ellen.....!!!My name is Beatriz and i'm your fan from Brazil!!!
    Good Luck for you and your little baby Stella!!!

  153. Hi Ellen im from Aregentina and i wanted to say: congratulations Ellen!!!.... you and Chris are going to be amazing parents!!
    good luck

  154. Ellen, seriously, Grey's without would you should be nothing .. Your chemestry with Patrick is one of the things that makes me love more and more greys .. Unless, your smile is perfect, and nobody in the world has the same laught as yours, your laught is more than perfect .. you're a great actress, and I'm sure that you're going to be such a wonderfull mother .. Stella Luna is a really luck girl to have you as her mother, congrats for your baby, we're excited to see some pic's of the new pompeo, I'm sure that she is so beautiful as you and really health!
    big kisses, from a brazilian girl that would like to be so cute as you are .. love you, bia coutinho!

  155. I love love love the name Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery - she is soo special and you are soo wonderful. congratulations and wish you all the best in the world because you deserve it.
    thank you for everything.
    can't wait to see Meredith Grey on tv again.

  156. Hi, Ellen
    I wish you all the most beautiful things for your baby and your family. I'm very happy when I heard that you and the baby are okay.Love you

    A hot hug from Brazil


  157. Hi Ellen!!!
    I'm from Mexico and i just wanted to tell you that here we love grey's and we believe your performance ad Meredith is really good, i love the way you act, congratulations on your baby, best wishes for all.

  158. Sweet Ellen~
    Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful daughter Stella Luna! I pray that she brings you as much joy as you bring us~
    RN Love~

  159. Congrats with the birth of your beautiful baby girl,Ellen! I love her name!

  160. Congrats to you and your husband, Ellen. Children are a blessing from God. I know how blessed I am to have children and now you will know the same. Will miss you on Grey's. Hopefully you were able to film a lot before leaving to have your daughter. The reason behind where you are I know will be some great writing! I can't wait.

  161. Hey again Ellen,

    Congrats on your little Girl. Stella Luna Pompeo is such a magical name. Best wishes to you and Chris. I'm so very happy for you, and As I've already said... you're gonna make a wonderful mother.

    Much love.


    Love the name so much
    wish you best of wishes.
    I love you so much on Grey's Anatomy. You make it wonderful and real to watch. I wish to see you in movies soon I hope. cheers

  163. Hello Ellen
    I hope you and your new little bundle of joy are doing fantastic. I wish you all the love and joy I know kids can bring to your life it is a amazing feeling the joy you feel now hold on to that forever because before you know it she will be grown. You and Chris pick out a very pretty name and I just know she is going to be both bueatiful outside as well as inside just like you. You and Kate are going to be wonderful moms sharing fond memories of the girls growing up that you will cherish forever
    I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication to the show and your fans for trying to be there this season but make sure you take care of yourself too
    The premier is tonight and it will be bittersweet without TRK hanging out with the Fab Five now known as the Fab Four I know it will be strange but we still have your amazing face and acting to keep us going..
    I wish you,love,joy and happiness with Stella Luna and in all the years to come.

  164. Congratulations! Godbless.


  165. ELLEN! i'm grey's anatomy biggest fan haha. hmm, congrats for your first daughter, she is really cute. tell her 'welcome to the world' :)


  166. hi ellen!!
    i'm from italy!! congrats for your first daughter!!! i really love your character in grey's anatomy and i can't wait to see the 6 season!


  167. Hi !!
    I'm so happy for you Ellen ! I'm sure your girl is a beautiful baby !! She has to, with the parents she has ... :P
    I just love you <3
    Keep going the way you are, you're just fabulous!
    My life would suck without Grey's. And Grey's would suck without you :P
    You are the best !

    I love you.

    Myriam, from Johannesburg, S.A

  168. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! You are going to be an amazing mom! I love the name you chose!
    Hope all is well!


  169. Congratulations on your bundle of joy!! may she bless you and Chris with fun, happy, and joyus times.
    Love, Rachel and Caitlin

  170. Congratulations Ellen and Chris!!! God bless your little Stella Luna life and give to all of you a life plenty of joy!!!! Love you Ellen because you're one of the honest and real actress I'd seen!!
    xoxo Gladys
    From Venezuela

  171. Hi again Ellen, my name is Richard I`m from MEXICO. I love Grey`s last night you were fantastic amazing sweet and big actress like ever in the last scene, I love you so much!!!! TENDER KISSES FOR YOU AND THE LITTLE BABY STELLA.

  172. Hey Ellen! I wish you best of luck in your future, can't wait to see your baby :)

  173. hey ellen,

    Congratulations with baby stella.
    hope you have a great time with here.
    can't wait to see a foto of her.

    with love,
    from the Netherlands

  174. Ellen,

    Congrats on the newest addition to your family!! You will make a wonderful mother.

    Thank you for bringing Meredith to life. You are an amazing actress and you are the reason I love Grey's. You have such a gift.. seriously you have more talent in your eyebrows then a lot of people in hollywood.

    You seem like such a grounded person and I really respect that you still conduct yourself that way given your superstardom :)

    Best of luck with everything! I'm such a fan, love you!

  175. Congralutations to you and your husband. I wish you the best.
    LOVE from France

  176. its my 4 message for u,
    congrat's now ur a beautiful mcmommy!

    we wanna meet stella soon! were so excited about it...
    soo congrat's Ellen ur amazing...
    ii LOVEE u so muuch,,,
    come to Cancun Mx to visit us..

    well i loved Grey's premiere!


    i <3 Ellen pompeo

  177. Congratulations, Ellen and Chris, on your new baby girl!

    Good luck and enjoy being parents!

    I think you're an amazing actress and I really admire your talent and how you haven't let Hollywood affect you negatively like a lot of other celebrities.

    Enjoy your time with baby Stella and congratulations again!


  178. Congratulations Ellen. love the baby name. Stella Luna, is just gorgeous. I wish you, Stella and Chris the best of wishes.

    Saw the Grey's season 6 prem and I loved it. I wish you were in every scene. but it's ok, because you were 7 months pregnant and its amazing how much you worked for Grey's fans. thank you so much.

    Your last scene with PD, infront of George's locker is just amazing. I felt you there, this was really good stuff. thank you so much.

    looking forward to the next storylines of you and your family, sorry of Meredith and her family :) ... cheers and enjoy your maternity leave, you deserve all the rest you can get.
    God Bless.
    love you always
    your biggest fan

  179. Congratulations, Ellen and Chris!

  180. Congrats Ellen and Chris! Hope your daughter and you will live a healthy and happy life :)

  181. Dear

    We love and miss you and may you and chris be blessed with the happiness we share with our 7 year old daughter estelle rose "Rosie".

    Roberta,Rosie and the original Izzy from nyc

  182. Hey Ellen!

    Congratulations with your little one! She has such a pretty name!!! Best wishes to you and Chris. You're gonna be an awesome mom. God Bless!!! :)

  183. Congrats Ellen!!!
    Good Luck for you and your little baby Stella Luna!!!
    I love GA!!!
    Kisses from Brazil

  184. Congratulation Ellen and Cris from Japan

  185. Congrats Ellen and Chris. I'm sure your little girl is just lovely and beautiful! Thank you for staying on Grey's, Meredith is inspiring. Have fun with Stella and good luck, you deserve it :)

  186. Wishing you both all the best, enjoy every minute of your baby girl, they grow all to fast.

    You are an amazing actress! You are the reason Grey's is Grey's Anatomy :)

  187. Congrats to you for your little girl ! Stella Luna is such a beautiful name :D

    You're, with Patrick, the reason why in the first place we got addicted to Grey's! Your chemistry is totally awesome, and we'll have to wait decades to see a chemistry like that again between 2 co-stars...You are an excellent actress it's a shame that you never won an Emmy...but we will continue to fight for you 'cause you totally deserve it !

    We Love You so much Ellen don't ever forget that.

    Wish you the best !
    Love & kisses from France :)

  188. Congratulation Ellen for your baby!
    I love Ellen and i love Grey´s!

    São Paulo - Brazil

  189. Dear Ellen
    It is a wonderful thing to be able to write to you and express how much I admire you and your amazing work on Grey's Anatomy and before.
    I watch the show because of your brilliant performance on the show. meredith Grey is by far the best character on tv for me. thank you for everything and for the great work you're giving us.

    Congratulations on the birth of your daughter, Stella Luna. Wish you all the best always.

    Tara G.

  190. This comment has been removed by the author.

  191. Sorry I messed that last one up and it wouldn't let me edit...

    I fell in love with you when I first saw you in Old School. Was very happy you were going to be in Grey's Anatomy and haven't stopped watching since! I love your acting, you are an obviously nice person and I'm really glad that you are Meredith!
    Thank you!

  192. Ellen,

    You deserve everything good that's ever come your way and more -- you're beautiful on the outside and on the inside, you're not afraid to speak your mind, and you're smart. All those qualities are definitely something to look for in a 'Hollywood Star' and I'm so thankful to everyone at 'Grey's Anatomy' for making it possible for your amazing self to get well known.

    Congratulations on having your daughter! Stella Luna is a beautiful name.

    Stay fierce, and all the best!

  193. Hello Ellen,
    I'm Jelena, and I live in Croatia. I have to say that people really love you here.
    Good luck with the baby, I wish you best. And we all know that you'll be a great mom.
    Thank you for all the joy you have given to the fans who watch Grey's Anatomy. Your acting is amazing.
    with love,
    Jelena (Croatia)


  195. Hi Ellen !
    I'm Elisa from France ( North of France )and I just wanted to tell you that you're an amazing actress.
    Congratulations for you and your husband on your daughter's birth. I'm sure she is as beautiful as her mom.
    I wish you all the best, because you deserve the best.
    Kisses !
    ( Sorry for my english..)

  196. Brittany Said...
    Hi Ellen.
    Im Brittany from VA.
    You are an amazing actress your the reason I
    watch the show. Meredith Grey is by far the best character on tv for me.thank you for all your hard work on the show that we all know and love. the show is like our family and when our family is sad,happy.ect we are sad,happy.ect. and thats because of you, you do such an amazing job.. so thank you
    with love

  197. Hi Ellen,

    Just wanted to say that you're what made fall for Grey's. Such an amazing show and YOU are a huge part of why it is amazing. You're an incredibly talented actress that has made Meredith Grey the best character on TV.

    Congrats on your baby girl. I wish you and your husband the best of the best because you really deserve it.



    PD. I love your sense of style and you really looked gorgeous through your pregnancy. Actually, you always look good. :)

  198. So happy with your recent delivery and new addition to your family. So glad you and your little one doing so well. Very glad for us die hard grey fans to think of the possiblity to be back on set. Please take care of yourself though and know that we appreicate you on this show and thank you writers for the gift of your character
    Be happy during this time it passes by so very fast..... Thank you for your tallent we appreicate you !